Tecnopolis s.n.c. has taken over a well-known company active in the paper and cardboard sector.

The company can produce and cut, also for third parties, pasteboard for pasteboard-covered books’ spine.

It can be of various weights and measures according to the client’s desire. Moreover, we can produce reels with 470 - 480 mm of diameter.

Our productiveness can reach 5000 kg a day. Orders are mostly cleared at a daily rate. Tecnopolis s.n.c. can also produce and cut:

- PET (Polyester)
- Mylar (DuPont)
- Pasted board PET
- Aluminium
- Latheroid
- And other electric insulators.

We have reels of various callipers (starting from 0,036 mm). We can cut them according to the client’s desire. Tecnopolis s.n.c. is a small company. Flexibility is one of its keywords. We guarantee haste and accuracy even for rush orders.